Tyler & Gema Wedding Part 1

by Thomas Cole

Last December, Theresa and I had an opportunity to shoot a wedding in Kindersley. We had a wonderful time and a beautiful couple to shoot. I should really have posted these pictures sooner but I'm not the greatest blogger when it comes to regularity. I need to do better. Here's a couple of my favorite pictures from that shoot, though I intend to post more in the future as you can tell from the title. These two in particular I wanted to draw attention to because they demonstrate the benefits of off-camera lighting. Theresa was holding the flash off to the side giving us a beautiful directional light on the subject. I learned how to do this from David Ziser, a terrific photographer whose website is one of the greatest learning resources I know.


A Long Day

by Thomas Cole

These pictures are from a wedding we did a few years back. As you can see Theresa and I are all business. Actually it's kind of tiring running around all day under constant pressure to get the shot. You can't blow a wedding because there's no do over. I don't normally like pressure but for some reason, in the case of weddings, I love it! Still, by the end of that day we were feeling a little goofy, at least I was. Theresa was putting up with me with good humor, something she needs to do a lot. I couldn't ask for a better wife and partner. Oh and by the way, if anyone is temped to jump to any conclusions here, I've never drank enough to so much as get a buzz nor do I indulge in any other mind-altering substances. That's just not my thing, though my sense of humor might be described as mind-altering.