Show My Photos

by Thomas Cole

Here are some more pictures I like from our wedding shoot last September. Of course, we produced hundreds of photos that day and I could fill an awful lot of blog posts with them. I really should blog more. As it is, we do have a gallery with all the pictures from that wedding shoot at a website called show my photos. This is a very handy website that allows us to post galleries of entire shoots for our clients to view. We've actually included links to this website at the top of the Helpful Links, Galleries and Pricing and Inquiries pages on this site. Clients can order prints directly from the galleries on the show my photos site. I think it will be a useful tool that will help us serve our clients better. Here, again, is the link: By the way, the beautiful, classy lady holding the camera in the third picture, the one who looks unhappy to be having her picture taken, is my wife and indispensable helper, Theresa. She'll probably be mad at me for including it in this post but I just needed to. I'd be nowhere without her.












by Thomas Cole

Sometimes it’s the subtle little things that make all the difference in a picture. I don’t just do wedding, portrait and event photography. I like to do all kinds.Last summer Theresa and I went camping in Glacier National Park in Montana. On a cloudy day there, I had a chance to do a long exposure waterfall picture.  The difference exposure time can make in a picture of running water can be seen in these two pictures. The top one was exposed for 1/200th of a second while the bottom for a third of a second. I compensated for the difference by stopping down the aperture, which means that the opening inside the lens that the light comes through was narrower.