Blogging and Backdrops

by Thomas Cole

I’m a terrible blogger. I should be updating this far more often if I want anyone to ever read it. That is, after all, the point of blogging. I could say “I’m a wedding and portrait photographer, not a writer,” but that wouldn’t be, strictly speaking, true. I did write a novel which has yet to be published. I intend to fix that soon. What it proves at this point is not that I’m a great writer or even a good one but that I do write. So why can’t I discipline myself enough to add to this blog more often?

To busy?

Not really.

Nothing to say?

Tons to say.

The problem?

Perfectionism. Would we remember Alexander the Great if he had been Alexander the Pretty Good? I’ve been unable to shake the feeling that my entries up to this point haven’t been brilliant. I want them to be brilliant! I want to blow away my readers every time. Both of them! It’s not going to happen. I have to come to terms with the fact that no matter what I have to say about wedding and portrait photography (that it what this blog is supposed to be about) someone else has said it better. Much better.

So here is my next so-so thought of the day: If I can do a family portrait shoot in a natural, outdoor setting I’ll do that every time. Winter is here (yay). Now, more often them not, I’ll have to sit folks in front of a background. I don’t have a lot of them (expensive) but, here is where being a bit of a Photoshop jock comes in, I don’t have to.

Note the pictures below. These where taken in front of the same background. I just made them look different later; same thing with the chair. In fact I could have put anything behind them, even a beautiful autumn day by a lake. The chair wouldn’t work in that setting but I could change that too. Thank goodness for the computer age.