Ships Passing in the Day

by Thomas Cole

These are pictures of our ferry trip out to Vancouver Island. We met another ferry heading back the other way. In the first picture we approach the meeting and in the second we pass each other. It’s fascinating what the light does in these pictures depending on which direction I was pointing the camera. You can also see that the weather that day was quite a mixed bag.


Octopus In The Wild

by Thomas Cole

Some more pictures from our trip to Vancouver Island. This time we were on a wharf in Victoria Harbor watching big cruise ships come in. I looked down and saw something moving in the water. We’d been seeing starfish and things like that, but here was an octopus. This was no aquarium. The beastie in its own habitat. I don’t suppose National Geographic will be beating a path to my door anytime soon, but you don’t see that every day. At least, I don’t.


The Butchart Gardens: Day and Night

by Thomas Cole

We took a little trip out to Vancouver Island this past month; and one of the places we visited was Butchard Gardens. Here are a couple pictures of the sunken garden. contrasting both day and night. If you ever get a chance to visit Butchard Gardens, don’t miss the opportunity to see it at night.


Welcome to the New TCcreative!

by Thomas Cole

So it was time for a change. I thought about it. I agonized about it. But, in the end, I knew it had to be done! All I had to do was port my site over to a new and easier platform. I could just never seemed to warm up to Wordpress. I figured, how hard could it be? (Insert maniacal laughter here) It was way more work than I every dreamed possible and I pray that I don't have to do this again any time soon. So now that the site has a new look, I'll just have to turn over a new leaf and blog more. Hope the new platform makes that a bit easier because I have a lot of images to share.