Hi. My name is Thomas Cole and I have been a creative junky my whole life. In school, while many other kids dreaded art class, I looked forward to it like an extra recess. Creative things never seemed like work to me and my vivid imagination was always getting me into trouble, if for no other reason than excessive daydreaming.

Aside from the family albums that I used to spend hours leafing through as a kid, my first real exposure to photography came in Industrial Arts class in high school. There, they took a truly industrial approach to the subject. Long, dull sheets on the mechanical aspects of photography, snap a few bland pictures, a few hours of mucking around with smelly chemicals in a darkroom and that was it. I was not inspired, though the creative possibilities of photography stayed with me.


After years of dabbling in other creative endeavors, mostly writing, I noticed the digital revolution sweeping through the world of photography and the visual arts. The creative possibilities seemed endless. I bought an advanced (for its time) point and shoot camera and copy of Adobe Photoshop with idea of becoming a digital artist or a graphic designer. Though I enjoyed creating digital art, becoming quite proficient with Photoshop and getting some recognition for my design work, the photography became more and more important. I used every learning resource available to me and endlessly practiced. Though the computer gave me great power to correct mistakes, it was important to learn how to get it right in the camera.

When I bought my first pro-grade camera, I had no clear idea exactly what kind of photography I wanted to do. I only knew that, as someone who lives and breathes creativity, I wanted to do something interesting with it. Eventually I figured out that the most interesting thing anyone can photograph is people. I’ve been working on perfecting that ever since.


I love what I’m doing and hope to keep doing it for years to come. My quest for the perfect image will never end. I must always keep improving. Tomorrow I will be a better photographer than I am today and if you were to grant me the honour of capturing your special memories, I will put my heart and soul into it. I named my business TCcreative for a reason. Creativity is the air in my lungs. It’s what I do.